Actun Tunichil Muknal- Placencia

Of all the caves in Belize, none are more famed than Actun Tunichil Muknal, or the Cave of the Crystal Sepulcher. While the stunning natural formations are enough to make it a must-visit destination, it’s the Mayan influence that truly transforms this location from breathtaking to awe-inspiring.

During the height of the Mayan empire, it was believed that caves were the entrance to the underworld and the homes of the gods. None seemed to capture their imagination more than Actun Tunichil Muknal. Within this sacred cave, they would perform religious rituals, going so far as to modify the formations to work as altars or create silhouettes when hit with light.

However, even these remnants of the ancient culture don’t tell the entire story. In truth, it’s the famed Crystal Maiden that draws the most attention. A human sacrifice, her bones have since calcified, now sparkling when hit with light.

The adventure to Actun Tunichil Muknal is best done by those that are physically fit. It starts with a three mile hike through rugged rainforest. From there, it’s a short swim across a small pool into the dark entrance that invites you to enter a time long passed. As the darkness is navigated, you’ll be led through a maze of chambers, passageways and tunnels until you reach the inevitable climax of the tour – the cathedral-like ceremonial chamber. Within this hallowed space, you’ll come face to face with ceramics, stoneware and the Crystal Maiden herself.

  What's Included - Pick up/Drop off at hotel, Transportation, Personal Guide, Entrance Fee, All Equipment, Lunch & Waters

  What's Included - Comfortable Hiking Clothes, Comfortable Walking Shoes, Towel, Change of clothes, Swim wear, Backpack, extra pair of socks, Bug Spray, Sunblock(if you are able to not use these items the better for the cave)


RETURN TIME Approximately 5:30 PM
# of Pax 2

Children must be taller than 40 inches in order to visit the cave

IMPORTANT NOTES NO Type of Camera Allowed