Altun Ha & Baboon Sanctuary: San Pedro

Altun Ha & Baboon Sanctuary: San Pedro

As we start on our journey today you will become acquainted with Belize’s history as we travel along the principal streets of this nation. Our tour will then lead us to the Northern section of our country as we head in the country side and view the older villages which were once Mahogany settlements.

Upon arrival at the Baboon Sanctuary, situated in one of these outback villages, our exciting tour begins as these monkeys greet us with a welcoming howl. We make our way along the paths to see our friendly and sociable monkeys, who are ready to pose for as you take their picture.

Your adventure continues as we then travel deeper north for forty five minutes towards one of the finest and majestic ruins known as Altun Ha “Water of the Rock”. This ruin was one of the great trading centers of the ancient Mayas. As you climb these prestigious ruins imagine yourself back in time. Inhale the strengths and feel the surviving instinct of these great Mayas, who fought to preserve their culture through, carvings on stones, a history of ceremonies, and a vast amount of ancient monuments we hold sacred today.

We awake from our Maya adventure as we’re once again boarding our vessels to depart to Belize City where we will do some shopping.

More Information:

  • Per Person Price: : $260.00
  • What's Included: : Pick up/Drop off at hotel, Round-trip Local Flight, Transportation, Personal Guide, Entrance Fee, Lunch & Waters
  • Pick Up Time: : 8:00 a.m
  • Drop Off Time: : 4:30 p.m
  • Important: : For transfers beyond 3 miles of downtown San Pedro and additional pick up fee will apply. Starting Price: $25 round trip per persons
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