Altun Ha Maya Ruins: Belize City

Altun Ha Maya Ruins: Belize City

“Water of the Rock”

Drive thru the principal streets of Belize City reroute to the country side as your guide enlightens you with the rich Belizean history. Travel 33 miles on the old whine, whine northern highway road to the old classical Mayan trading center of Altun Ha “Water of the Rock”, learn about its great achievements of survival for over a thousand years. Walk thru the same path of the Mayas amongst some of the 275 mounts partially excavated and restored by some of the locals and Dr. David Pendergast who did an extensive research from 1967 to 1974. As you travel back in time with history and feel the presence of an ancient civilization come alive; hike above some of its highest monumental structures where the elite families once occupied and enjoy a spiritual and panoramic view from above. Inhale the fresh air of the pristine green forest that surrounds you and soar with the spirits of the ancient Mayas that still preserves its pass.

More Information:

  • Time : 8:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m
  • 1-2 person(per person) : $180.00
  • 3 persons (per person) : $120.00
  • Group or 4 or more : Please contact us
  • What's Included : Lunch, Water, Personal guide, Transportation, Park Fees
  • Important : For pickup/drop off outside of Belize City may incur additional charges.
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